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How to Play

The eITGames Challenge is a game designed to test your knowledge of the designated IT subject area for quickness and accuracy. The game is a single player game contested in three sections or rounds. The game is played against a revolving pool of multiple-choice questions associated with the selected IT certification test. You are also competing for prizes against other individuals playing the game throughout the calendar month.

For each game, the system pulls five random topic areas from the objective or domain list of the certifying body's objective map. It then loads five weighted questions of escalating difficulty into the game board for each topic. Level 1 questions (X1) are worth 1 point each while Level 2 questions (X2) are worth two points each and so forth. Each objective is marked with a letter (A, B, C, etc.) and you can use the "Key" to the right to learn which lettered column corresponds to which test objective.

The standard game board is a 5 x 5 matrix of Question Panels as illustrated below.

Typical eITGames game board

To begin play, choose any question by clicking on a blue button (X1, X2, X3, etc.). The question page will include the question you've selected along with a list of possible answers. In some instances, there may also be a reference figure associated with the question.

Typical question

You will have two minutes to select a correct answer from the list, as indicated on the clock to the right of the answer list.

Click on your choice for the correct answer. If you change your mind or mistakenly click the wrong answer, you can change by clicking again on your choice before you hit the SUBMIT ANSWER button. Once you submit your answer, you will be returned immediately to the main game grid where you will be told if your answer was right or wrong. If you have selected the correct answer, the system will advance your total score by the weighted value of the question. If the answer is incorrect, no points are awarded.

The system also tracks the amount of time you use to answer each question. This information may be the deciding factor for top players in the competition.

Now that you're back on the main game board, you can choose your next question and continue this process until you have completed each round. Each round continues until all of the questions have been selected from the board. Be sure to choose questions quickly, as you are being timed from the moment you choose your first question until the moment you answer the last question of each round.

Between rounds 1 and 2 you will be told your current score, and the total amount of time you spent on that round. You may encounter advertisements for interested parties, such as IT recruiters, training centers, etc. If any of these advertisements appeal to you, feel free to click on the link for more information -- you are not being "timed" while in between rounds, and you will easily be able to return to the game to continue playing.

Between rounds screen

Click on the "Go to next round" graphic to begin your next round. Each round functions in a similar manner. The only differences from round-to-round will be the test objectives that are chosen for your game, and the shorter Final Round which will have fewer questions which are more difficult than those in previous rounds and are worth more points toward your final score.

Final round screen

When you completed a game, the final screen will show your total score and the Top Performers list for the current month.

If your score does not place you in the current Top Performers list, the game will terminate and no information about your score will be retained. You may immediately play a new game, with new questions, if you desire.

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